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Reporting a crime as a sex worker

Reporting a crime; theft, assault, etc, requires a sex worker to out themselves to authorities. If sex work is illegal or a worker can’t comply with the law, then they risk being arrested themselves. This obviously makes sex workers more vulnerable when dealing with anyone who knows what they do.

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✨FUNDRAISING✨~ for legal support

In 2017 I was sexually assaulted, harassed and maliciously outed by my employer.
Please help and support me to raise funds to cover my legal costs and to seek justice.

Unfortunately as a freelancer; http://www.rufaiajala.com, I; Mx Oluwaseun Abdul Rufai Ajala, am not in the same financial position as the opposing parties to have access to the financial means and legal counsel to seek justice for being sexually assaulted. Unlike my former employer; Ms Barbara Soumet-Leman, and due to her financially privileged position; working as a senior exec for Apple Inc, France. She has been able to threaten me legally from sharing my experience and seeking justice through the relevant authorities. Your help will enable me to push and seek justice.

Please help support me by donating & contributing anything you can. And by sharing this link with your networks. Thank you.

• Seeking justice and legal support for sexual assault. I’m seeking justice for sexual assault. •

ErikaLust #MeToo 21st March 2019

Feminist Porn – ErikaLust, #MeToo; a love letter.

Let’s get the hashtag #ErikaLustMeToo “#IStandWithRooster” going to show support.

“Hello Rooster” is an Intersectional Feminist. A non binary performer of colour. A cinematographer, Educator + Panellist on Consent & Ethics ★ A Feminist Porn Awards winner.

~ After being sexually assaulted on a Feminist Porn set, they advocate for better working conditions and practices. They worked as a consultant and co-author in creating the “Guideline to creating Ethical Porn” + “Model Bill of Rights” for Erika Lust Films.


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ErikaLust #MeToo #EthicalPorn